Store Ready Services



Folding: Customers have a varity of shelves and boxes they use to retail t-shirts. Viatran has automatic equipment that is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. We maintain a data base of those sizes and match them every time we fold a garment for you.

UPC Tag: Viatran will provide and maintain your unique UPC numbers. We also have the ability to use your UPC number, part number, description and logo on the tag.

Size Strip: Size strips can be placed on every garment for your retail program so you can maintain a professional look on your floor while reducing the time required to find your customer’s size.

Bagging: Keep your product clean with a clear poly bag.

Hangers: Hangers come in a number of sizes and colors. We simply need to know your requirements.

Hang Tags: Something unique you want to say with the product? Viatran has the abilities to place hang tag with your message on it.

UCC: Viatran has the ability to place a label with a unique number that is transmitted to you. This tells you everything in the box, where it’s going, your required information and our specific design number.

Ship Direct: Viatran will ship direct to your store with all your store ready requirements.

Box Per Store: Since we have the ability to provide store ready product, Viatran will box per store and label it per your requirements so that it rapidly moves through your distribution center.